A Balanced cooling for your work environment

A balanced and cool attitude is what makes industries successful. Let the freshness of your spirit show up in your work. A boost in productivity can be achieved with the right kind of efforts not just in terms of work force but also the working environment. Let us help you provide the right kind of cool and fresh work surroundings for you. In a country like ours, the dry and humid climate necessitates the need for the right cooling system. We offer you a wide range of outstanding industrial coolers. Brize cooler presents you the best of cooling systems that would provide you with fresh and fifiltered air and uplift your spirits. Associate with us to make your work much easier and cooler.

Save on Electricity Power : Consumption is typically reduced by 2/3rd of the refrigerated air.
Improved Productivity : Constant influx of fresh air ensures an air cooled space and prevents allergies caused by poor ventilation.
Improved Air Quality : With an increase in worker’s productivity your business is bound to flourish.
Save on Maintenance : Lower electricity cost means the cost of installation is recovered in 4-5 months.
Improved staff morale : Better working conditions at the workplace result in better staff morale. As per IIMA Research, worker’s productivity can be enhanced up to 12% by increasing the level of thermal comfort.
Save on Initial Cost : Estimated cost of installation is significantly less compared to central air conditioning.
Payback in 4-5 months : Only two mechanical parts in most basic coolers means they can be repaired inexpensively.