Rising temperatures and the negative effects of global warming have also affected many work areas, making them intolerably hot and stuffy. The workers working in industrial sectors, chemical units, construction sites, factories, warehouses, and other commercial facilities often have to work under such scorching conditions. High-temperature weather condition is one of the primary reasons for reduced manpower and poor labour output.


You may try opening all windows and doors, mounting big ceiling fans, fixing more than one fan in the area, or even think about installing an expensive centralised air conditioner. However, if you want to cool your industry in the most efficient and affordable manner, installing cost-effective industrial air coolers is the most ideal solution.


The Pressing Need for Industrial Air Cooler


Installing an industrial air cooler can save you and your labour force from unwanted heat. An air cooler is a necessary prerequisite for people working in hot climatic regions. Air coolers manage to cool the workplace atmosphere so that the air is fresh, clean, pleasant, and conducive to working long hours. Air coolers offer good cross-ventilation thus dehumidifying the area. Industrial air coolers can prove to be a smart business investment as it provides comfort and coolness to boost worker productivity.


Industrial or commercial air coolers, also known as centralised ducting coolers are usually heavy-duty cooling systems used in spaces such as industries, factories, shop floors, cinema halls, restaurant kitchens, warehouses, and many other places. They are powerful and very effective systems used to cool huge commercial spaces. Industrial air coolers offer advanced technological features that give fresh, cool, and clean air over a long period. They are in high demand for commercial facilities that need centralised ducting.


Characteristics & Functions of Industrial Air Coolers


Large industrial coolers operate by evaporating the water around the area and moisturising the air. This helps to lower the heat. They are efficient with a low energy consumption rate as compared to traditional air conditioners. With powerful fans, they are well-used to cool warehouses, offices, school buildings, workshops, garages, construction sites, and so on.


The electric motor is made fool-proof and ensures 100% durability as it is fully wound by copper strings. Similarly, the cooling pads are made of superior materials for long-lasting protection. An industrial air cooler is indeed a meaningful purchase for commercial usage and also a conservative step towards supporting our ecosystem.


Distinctive Features of Industrial Air Coolers:


  • There are zero emissions of harmful chemical gases so the coolers are compatible with our environment
  • There are no carbon outflows and no bad pollutants that can reduce the air quality in the atmosphere
  • They are very cost-effective and the energy consumption is minimum despite giving sufficient cooling to a large area
  • They deliver a continuous supply of fresh clean outdoor air, thus providing healthy and cool solutions to employees and workers.
  • Evaporative or industrial air coolers offer low-cost maintenance and durable functions
  • The solid body of an industrial cooler is made of heavy-duty plastic with a polymer casing or galvanised steel with a metal coating.
  • The air cooler body is fully insulated and has all the safety features to protect against electrical malfunctions and short circuits.


Types of Industrial Air Coolers


They can be classified into 4 main categories:


  • Huge evaporative coolers
  • Desert coolers
  • Portable office-use coolers
  • Coolers meant for centralised cooling


Air coolers work on a certain principle that uses outside air by passing it through the wet cooling pads. When the water evaporates, cool air comes out of the air slits. A top-quality industrial cooler can provide the most powerful cooling efficiency with an evaporative index of almost 90%. However, the cooling quality may decrease over time and daily usage. Semi-old coolers can only give mediocre efficiency with 50% evaporative power. Just like an air conditioner, some leading air coolers can lower the room or area temperature to almost 20 degrees Celsius. The outdoor air quality and humidity play a vital role in lowering the temperature with the help of air coolers.


Maintaining Industrial Coolers


Just as you service your car or electrical devices in your house, an industrial air cooler also needs period servicing done every six months. This is to ensure that the cooler is productive and works well for longer durations. Maintenance by professional technicians is necessary for the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the cooler. Business owners have to make sure to sign periodic maintenance contracts at the time of installation. It is important that in industrial working conditions, workers get to breathe hygienic and fresh air.


Maintenance guidelines for coolers may include:


  • Cooling pads inspections to see if they are in a proper condition or need of replacements
  • Cooling pads checking to verify whether they are evenly stuffed
  • Checking for any sign of damages like a leaky hole and repairing the same
  • Evaporative air coolers should have a clean supply of water in their water tanks, technicians may check if the water is clean
  • The water tanks are also inspected to see if they are clear of any debris or dirt
  • The fan or blower is checked for oil lubrication so that the air is free-flowing without creating noise pollution.


You can buy top brand industrial air coolers in India. You can get them through local service providers or online e-stores. It is advisable to know all the details and product specifications before purchasing it. As a consumer, you may be able to select a model from a wide range of brands, based on your exact industrial requirement and financial budget.


October 27, 2021 — Chetan Arora