When it is the question about your air cooler, the decision-making is not easy as it seems. This is because you are not a trained professional to determine whether you need to ditch your old appliance or need an advanced repair. If you are a homeowner living with an old air cooler, the decision becomes even more challenging. A modern air cooler can stay in good condition for years, so settling down with a suitable unit to meet your cooling requirements is essential. You should not rush while making this decision. However, if you find your air cooler malfunctioning on a hot day, you may not have any other choice but to buy a new air cooler. 


Inadequate Airflow


Poor airflow is a common problem that indicates that your air cooler is not performing as it should be. It may be due to the blockage limiting the air from traveling through the home network of ducts. The blockage can be due to the clogged air filter or unworking motor.


Bringing an energy-efficient ventilator can cure inadequate airflow, a common problem at every house. It can boost your home by expelling the foul smell and replacing it with fresh air whenever you switch on the air cooler. When properly installed, both of these devices ensure the homeowner with the proper airflow and cooling power where you require the most.


Getting Warm Air


If you find warm air flowing out of the home vents, check the thermostats. Set the cooling mode relatively lower than the current room temperature. If it continues to deliver hot air, consider blaming the restricted airflow.


Most air cooler manufacturers and technicians advise air cooler repairing and leave the maintenance matter to the professional instead of doing anything wrong. This is because your home appliance is a costly investment, and thus you require the experts’ help.


Unable To Control the Moisture Level Inside


You will face sticky weather sensations outside during the spring and summer seasons. But it does not entail that you want to witness a tacky atmosphere inside. Your air cooling system should be able to control the moisture level in the house seamlessly.


If you experience that your moisture level is not within a reasonable limit, then you need to replace your air cooler immediately. The cooling expert will evaluate the problem and tell you whether your air cooler needs re-adjustment or you should invest in a brand new air cooler.


Frequent Cycles


You should create a routine for checking the cooling cycles of the air cooler system, irrespective of the prevailing weather. Doing this check-up enables the homeowners to turn on the air cooler without any issue frequently. If you have any issues like frequent cycles, it is advisable to get in touch with cooling professionals. A quick air cooler checkup can also address the problem of frequent cycles.


Experiencing Water Leaks around the System


Your air cooler depends on the refrigerant to maintain the temperature of your home and produce condensation when it is switched on. However, when the air cooler is on, there should be no sign of water leaking into your home. Having a significant water leak or pooled water around the air cooler area is a critical sign that tells your air cooling system is not working as it was initially. At such times, do not delay when making a call to the air cooler technician. The water leaks can damage your home quickly and cause advanced structural problems.


When You Notice Strange Sounds


Most air coolers generate a noise when they are turned on and when they are being shut down. However, if the sound increases, it can indicate more significant issues with your air cooling system.


If you find that your air cooler is making a buzzing or rattling noise, consider that any internal parts have become loose. However, if it creates a grinding sound, the situation becomes more severe. You should call an air cooler professional to diagnose this issue and ask them for a solution.


Creating Bad Smell


If you smell foul odours and feel that they are coming from your air cooling system, you undoubtedly need to address this issue before it becomes too late. A quick diagnosis can help you understand whether your air cooler requires few repairs or full maintenance service or if you need to replace this wrecked air cooler. Having a duct cleaning service can eliminate odour issues gathered in the duct network.


When Electric Bills Are Rising


Higher energy bills can tell that your air cooler is not working correctly. This issue mainly happens when the air cooler becomes too old, and as a result, it consumes more energy.


Paying high electricity bills once or twice may not be a severe issue, but if the bill is consistently rising, you might need to find a new air cooler for your home.


October 27, 2021 — Chetan Arora