BRIZE Raw 1200 Industrial Cooler with 250 Liters Water Tank Capacity

Rs. 75,800.00
Inclusive of all taxes

BRIZER Raw 1200

Premium Industrial Cooling Machine
Ever realized why industrial efficiency and your sales go down during Summers?
Why your colleagues and work staff deliver with less efficiency as mercury rises up?You know the reason is hot and humid climate of Indian summers It’s time to bring the temperature down so that high heat environment does not hinder efficiency and performance at work.With Raw 1200 and it’s high delivery axial fans that can deliver up to 24000 CMH in an area up to 3500 sq ft, we can experience ultimate coolness in a short span of time. With no questions asked service, unparalleled performance and high-capacity water tank you can expect the premium facilitation that Brize has to offer. Hence, our existing customers often call RAW 1200 “The monster of the Industrial Cooling”.

Material: High Grade LLDPE
Cooling Medium : 150mm Honeycomb Pads
Fan Size: 36" Axial Fan
Fan RPM : 950
Speed Control: 3 Speed
Power Supply : 220V, 50Hz
Tank Capacity : 250 Litres
Air Flow : 24000 CMH
Area : Upto 3500sqft.