Glacier 110 Plastic Body Desert Air Cooler

Domestic Coolers

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BRIZER Glacier 110

The cooling appliance which makes you feel like staying at home only, assembled with Imperial motors and aluminium blades along with the characteristic of silent cooling make these coolers a truly comfortable and healthy choice for your house. Moreover, the same comes with Honeycomb cooling pads, which ensures an amazing cooling experience even in the hot and humid temperature of India. A cooler from the Brize's house is long-lasting, best for cooling down the large area as it has a large water holding capacity of 110 liters.

Size : 880mmx620mmx1380mm
Cooling Medium : High-Efficiency Honeycomb Pads
Fan Blade Size : 20"
Motor : 110 Dia
Pump : 18 Watts
Power Supply : 230V, 50Hz
RPM : 1350
Rated Power : 300W
Tank Capacity : 110 Litres


Is this water cooler or air cooler?

Air Cooler, Water cooler, vaporative cooler or Desert cooler are generic terms used for domestic coolers. irrespective of their name the working is same.

What is the Fan size?

Fan size pertaining all our cooler models are defined as per their encasement and bodies. Fan size has to be proportional to opening and power of motor fitted in the cooler.

What is the power of fan motor?

Fractional hot power

Is this product need special or purified water?

It is advisable and economical to use tap water, but high salt concentrations might lead to scaling and damage of pump and honey comb. Keep a regular check on scaling and mineral deposition will lead to a longer life of your cooler.

l  Mosquito or insect net on honey comb is that fixed?

Most of our models are equipped with honeycomb pads that are any day more efficient and durable than wood wool. Nets and honeycomb pads can be removed easily. Refer to our product guidebook or follow us on our youtube page for better understanding

Customer Reviews

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I bought a brize frost 130 cooler in March-24 and just because of their fake marketing on social media. I will explain in detail about the brize coolers and will convince you to why not to buy brize coolers. Just after 02 days of using cooler I experienced that its honey comb pad was not getting wet completely. I informed to their team that honey comb distributor was not working properly. After 7 days of rigorous follow ups one service person visited my house and he did nothing and convinced that slowly cooler will start working ok. After that in 2 months its motor got burnt and I asked for warranty but they did nothing again . I have been following up with them to replace my cooler or provide new motor tom me but they are denying the same and not doing any thing. I am attaching screen shot for your ready reference.

Now let me tell you that how they do cheap and fake marketing of their low quality coolers in social media. They always explain the 06 points by saying that “ YE SIRF YAHIN MILTA HAI”. This is totally wrong and false statement by their team . Let me explain you in detail.

Point 1- 03 years warranty on motor.
Above is totally fake statement made by them , Believe me guys they will not replace the motor for sure. I t happens with me. Just after 02 months my cooler’s motor got burnt bu they are denying the same since last 01 month and not providing any new motor, This point is totally GIMMICK and just to attract the innocent customers. I am attaching screen shot of same that they do nothing after selling their cheap quality coolers.

Point 2- 02 free services.
In the name of service they just wash the honey comb pad and which can be done easily at home by anyone. Please let me know what is the purpose of service in cooler , So its totally gimmick and they are just doing cheap marketing of their coolers by adding word service. If you call them for service they will not attend you for at least 20 days fo sure that’s what I have experienced. You will have to beg them for the servicing of cooler which can be done easily at home by anyone. So this point is also GIMMICK.

Point 3- 07 days replacement policy

This is totally fraud . However I have not experienced the same but one person was telling me that they ask for higher transportation charges and longer time if you ask them to replace the cooler in 07 days. Its totally GIMMICK.

Point 4- Buy direct no middleman

Their prices are already on higher side . Cooler which they sale on 12000/- rupees is already available in market in 9000/- rupees . So already they are selling on higher prices . So why they are saying that buy direct no middleman. Customers are not getting any benefit by this . Prices are already on higher side. So this is also GIMMICK.

Point 5- Free delivery

Hahahaha, Already prices are higher so what is use of providing free delivery of 200/- only. I will prefer to buy cooler from open market in less prices and willy pay nominal transportaion charges 200/- to 300/- only. This is totally GIMMICK.


All google reviews are fake. They were also asking me to give fake review on google but I denied to do the same. They wer also telling me that they will visit my home with social media partner like VOICE OF FARIDABAD and I have to give fake review and they will pay me 1000/-. So that how they are doing some cheap marketing.

So at the end I will say that purchase good quality coolers from open market in cheap prices and I will say that local shopkeeper will deliver more services then these fake BRIZE coolers team.

please provide such service where a person comes

please provide a service where a person comes to home and help and suggest the best cooler as per the area to be operated

Shivani Sharma
Not good service

Very Very service

Best product, good service....

Best product, good service

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Performance and quality of glacier 110

The cooler is delivered timely as promised. The cooling effect is also good. But, the thickness of cooler body is not up to mark, it should be more strong.