BRIZE Iceberg Desert Air Cooler with Powerful Fan

Rs. 8,699.00 Rs. 10,999.00
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BRIZER Iceberg

Iceberg - Brizer Iceberg air cooler is the season's pick this year.

A cooling machine is ideal for your home as it has a shockproof body with a unique body design resulting in an elegant appearance.

Moreover, the large water tank capacity of 75 liters combined with honeycomb cooling pads for water retention ensures powerful air delivery across the room and cools down the area in a short time frame. The feature of low maintenance makes these air coolers popular and in demand.

Key Features:

Cooling Medium: High Efficiency Honeycomb Pads
Fan Blade Size : 16" 04 Leaf
Motor : 110 Dia
Pump : 18 Watts
Power Supply : 220V,50Hz
RPM : 1400
Rated Power : 180 W
Tank Capacity : 75 Liters