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3 Years Uncoditional Warranty on Motors

Why is Brize Air Cooler Best for Me?

Beat all the cooler in this segment i love the space saving design and Evaporating system Best in every Aspect - Design, Cooling, Low noise, Air throw. Just Amazing

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What is the Fan size?

There are three fan sizes available 24”, 30”, and 36” as per the covered area 2000 sqft to 3500 sqft.

How does Brize’s large industrial cooler help in increasing productivity?

Brize’s large industrial coolers are a must-have in this hot and humid climate of Indian summers as the labor working in the factories and industries are not able to do their best. It’s time to bring the temperature down so that a high-heat environment does not hinder efficiency and performance at work. Hence, your profits and employee/labor satisfaction will increase.

What makes Brize Large Space cooling unique?

1. Brize provides tailor-made cooling solutions as per the requirement of the customer. 2. High-efficient cooling pads to drop the temperature of the area. 3. Three years unconditional warranty on motors.

Is this product need special or purified water?

No, normal water can be used.