BRIZE Glacier R1 Remote Control Air Cooler 60-Liters

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BRIZER Glacier R1

The best solution to overcome the warm temperature is Brizer Glacier R1. You can sit back and relax only with a remote-controlled air cooler. A cooling appliance includes an air filter for improving air quality, Honeycomb cooling pads for enhancing water holding capacity, water indicator, and auto swing grill thus providing a remarkable performance. Silent cooling is like a cherry on the cake in this model. Its icebox, aluminum fan blades provide robust cool air throw in all corners of the room. The water holding capacity of 60 liters is just right for bigger areas, as well as it works efficiently for long operational hours.

Size : 620mmx390mmx1075mm
Cooling Medium : High-Efficiency Honeycomb Pads
Fan Blade Size : 16" 06 Leaf
Motor : 110 Dia
Pump : 18 Watts
Power Supply : 220V, 50Hz
RPM : 1400
Rated Power : 200W
Tank Capacity : 60 Litres


Is this water cooler or air cooler?

Air Cooler, Water cooler, Evaporative cooler or Desert cooler are generic terms used for domestic coolers. Irrespective of their name the working is same.

What is the Fan size?

Fan size pertaining all our cooler models are defined
as per their encasement and bodies. Fan size has to be proportional to opening and power of motor fitted in the cooler.

What is the power of fan motor?

Fractional hot power

Is this product need special or purified water?

It is advisable and economical to use tap water, but high
salt concentrations might lead to scaling and damage of pump and honey comb.
Keep a regular check on scaling and mineral deposition will lead to a longer
life of your cooler.

l  Mosquito or insect net on honey comb is that fixed?

Most of our models are equipped with honeycomb pads that are any day more efficient and durable than wood wool. Nets and honeycomb pads can be removed easily. Refer to our product guidebook or follow us on our youtube page for better

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